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The Internet is a weird place.
 ‎ It can make the stupidest of things go viral while hiding many gems of talent underneath the muck of useless gossip.
 ‎ In a time in which our ancestors must have dreamed of being populated by robots and flying cars and probably some aliens as well, ‘Cringe-Pop‘, a so-called “genre” of music, is going mainstream. Basically, Cringe-Pop means music so bad that you couldn’t stop listening to it. The pioneer of this excellent genre in India is none other than our country’s favorite singer, Dhinchak Pooja, a woman who is so talented that even YouTube did not feel that it deserved hosting her music videos on its site.
 But this unforeseen trend of Cringe-Pop was further propagated by the self proclaimed ‘King of Rap‘, Omprakash Mishra, as some meme pages dug down the dark depths of YouTube and…

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Book Review: The Rise Of The Dawnstar

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