Have an amazing 2018, everyone!


New Year always brings with it a hypothetical wind of change. When you actually think about it, New Year’s day is  just another normal day, but then it is also a day in which the society feels the need to start afresh.
Which is a good thing, considering how our society is.
 New Year’s Day is also a time when you can try bring your life back on track. It’s the time when you can shake off bad habits and try cultivate good ones. It is a time when you can start living wisely.
 Here are ten things you can do to live better this year:
1. Eat healthy:  December 31 is all about junk food and drinks. In our busy day-to-day schedule, we neglect eating those food that would actually benefit our body and mind. Instead, we always choose something that is appealing to our taste buds like…

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