BookTuber: (definition) 
Someone on YouTube that makes videos related to books – usually YA novels. BookTubers usually make videos such as book reviews, book hauls, book discussions, and tag videos related to books.

Hey everyone!
Yep, you saw the title.

I am launching a BookTube channel named after this blog, ‘Creative Bookie‘!

Here’s my Bookshelf tour:

So I have been watching BookTubers for a long time and I honestly loved all sorts of book tags, hauls and challenges that they used to do. They are the most loving, enthusiastic and creative readers I’ve ever met in the internet. I have so far known only three Indian BookTubers and I thought, hey, why not extend the community here? The BookTube community is so caring and supportive of each other and it makes me so happy that I’m finally a part of them and can participate in all the tags and events, get more interesting book recommendations and make more friends!

I started the channel quite recently and I’ve posted two videos within the span of three days till date. The first video was a cringe fest, I know, but hey, everyone has to start somewhere! I’ve already finished editing two more videos and I’m pretty excited to share them. So do visit my channel and subscribe to be a part of my BookTube family!

Here’s a link to my channel:

Thank you, all.
It’s gonna be a great journey!



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