I love reading books. Honestly.
Over the years, I’ve read many novels from different genres and liked most of them. Usually, I read Young Adult books and those heartwarming, adventure fictions with a sprinkle of tragedy and romance. I also am a sucker for world mythology and love fantasy as well.
So today, if you needed some book recommendations (and if you haven’t already read those books I’m listing) you’ve come to the right place!
Here are my all time favourites in no particular order:


1. Harry Potter series by JKR (GoF, DH and CoS are my favorite)
2. Palace of Illusions by Chitra Divakaruni (The best stand alone I’ve ever read)
3. Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan
4. Mortal instruments series (I loved the first three books) by Cassandra Clare
5. Since you’ve been gone by Morgan Matson (Perfect for summer)
6. A Court of Thorns and Roses trilogy by Sarah J Maas (my favorite trilogy)
7. Throne of Glass series (book 2, 3 and 4 were the best) by Sarah J Maas
8. The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins (reading it felt like watching a movie)
9. The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer (I frikin loved it so much!)
10. The Star Touched Queen by Roshani Chokshi (such beautiful language)

There are lots of other books I love which didn’t make it into the list but I’ll keep updating you all about any great reads I’ve encountered recently so stay tuned!

What are the books or series that you can read again and again but never get bored? Leave a comment down below.



3 thoughts on “My Top Ten books/series

  1. Hey, that’s a good one, Mansu! I’ve been wanting to try since you’ve been gone from when you told me about it. So I shall do that, sometime. 🙂

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  2. One that I can never tire of is actually a Turkish book from the beginning of the 20th century (or even earlier), it’s called Calykusu and might not even be translated to English 🙂 I’ve read it like 8 times! It’s just such an honest coming of age story of a girl, and also a sort of love story as well. Some stories just don’t age!


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