Publishing 101

To some people out there, being published is the biggest dream. But what exactly happens to your manuscript once you submit it to a publisher? If you thought wrapping up writing your book was the end of the journey, think again. In order to find out more about how a manuscript turns into a proper … Continue reading Publishing 101


Rediscover yourself with these ten steps this new year!

Have an amazing 2018, everyone!


New Year always brings with it a hypothetical wind of change. When you actually think about it, New Year’s day is  just another normal day, but then it is also a day in which the society feels the need to start afresh.
Which is a good thing, considering how our society is.
 New Year’s Day is also a time when you can try bring your life back on track. It’s the time when you can shake off bad habits and try cultivate good ones. It is a time when you can start living wisely.
 Here are ten things you can do to live better this year:
1. Eat healthy:  December 31 is all about junk food and drinks. In our busy day-to-day schedule, we neglect eating those food that would actually benefit our body and mind. Instead, we always choose something that is appealing to our taste buds like…

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Book Review: The Palace Of Illusions

Book: The Palace of Illusions Author: Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni Publisher: Picador Summary: A reimagining of the world-famous Indian epic, the Mahabharat—told from the point of view of an amazing woman. Relevant to today’s war-torn world, The Palace of Illusions takes us back to a time that is half history, half myth, and wholly magical. Narrated … Continue reading Book Review: The Palace Of Illusions


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The Internet is a weird place.
 ‎ It can make the stupidest of things go viral while hiding many gems of talent underneath the muck of useless gossip.
 ‎ In a time in which our ancestors must have dreamed of being populated by robots and flying cars and probably some aliens as well, ‘Cringe-Pop‘, a so-called “genre” of music, is going mainstream. Basically, Cringe-Pop means music so bad that you couldn’t stop listening to it. The pioneer of this excellent genre in India is none other than our country’s favorite singer, Dhinchak Pooja, a woman who is so talented that even YouTube did not feel that it deserved hosting her music videos on its site.
 But this unforeseen trend of Cringe-Pop was further propagated by the self proclaimed ‘King of Rap‘, Omprakash Mishra, as some meme pages dug down the dark depths of YouTube and…

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Book Review: Two Hundred Very Short Stories

Book: Two Hundred Very Short Stories Author: Helen Keeling-Marston Summary: Recognising that many people don't have enough time for regular reading - and thus can easily lose the thread of a novel - Helen Keeling-Marston set about writing a collection of short stories. Two Hundred Very Short Stories - Helen's first book - features an … Continue reading Book Review: Two Hundred Very Short Stories

Book Review: The Secrets Of Islayne

Book: The Secrets of Islayne Author: Kari Lynn West Summary: A boy who can restore forgotten moments from the past unearths a secret that threatens his entire future. For centuries, the island of Islayne has given certain residents the ability to revive other people’s memories. These gifted individuals are known as luminators, and sixteen-year-old Ronan … Continue reading Book Review: The Secrets Of Islayne